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Beckermet C of E Primary School

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Welcome to the Governors page of our school website.  We are extremely proud of our school, our staff and the achievements of our pupils; your children.  We strive to achieve academic excellence and sporting fulfillment influenced by our Christian values; and we try to do this in a way we hope your children find engaging and fun.

Our role is one of strategic oversight, vision setting and decision making, creating robust accountability for school leaders.  This includes ensuring that our school prepares pupils for life and the workplace by building  their character and resilience and by protecting them from the risks of extremism and radicalisation.  Our core functions for effective governance are;

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school, our pupils and the performance management of our staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of our school and making sure our money is well spent.

Our Governing Body have a diversity of perspectives to ensure robust internal challenge and have a positive relationship with the Headteacher and staff.  We are fully integrated into school life, its heartbeat, and interaction with the local community.  We try to improve our performance through self evaluation and collaboration with other schools further afield.  We each have a passion to do the very best we can to develop every child placed in our charge and hope that you share and support our values.

You will find below details of all governors including the nature of each appointment, attendance record and any declared interests.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our school. Please peruse the other items on our website to enlighten you even further on what we do and have achieved.  You are most welcome to visit whenever is mutually convenient.  This can be arranged by contacting the school on 01946 841221.

A number of websites contain further information relating to school governance.  One you may find particularly informative is the National Governors Association and is at;

Reverend Lesley Riley

Chair of Governors

Beckermet Church of England Primary School Governing Body


         Governor                                                                                        No. of Meetings                            Re-election Date

                                                                                                              attended  academic

                                                                                                                      year 2019/20



Mrs Claire Birkett                                                                                             0/0                                                  Permanent

Mrs B Mayer (Stepped down Aug 18)


Chair of Governors

Rev Lesley Riley (appointed Sept 18)                                                          0/0                                                                                      

Alan Shepherd stepped down Sept 18  

Staff Appointed Governor

Mr Ben Cass                                                                                                      0/0                                                 31 August 2020


Local Authority Appointed Governor

Mrs Kate Matthews                                                                                          0/0                                                24 September 2019

Mrs Matthews has now retired from the Governing Body as of 24 September 2019


Foundation Governors

Mrs Julia Harrison   (Vice-Chair appointed Sept 18)                                 0/0                                              31 August 202

Mrs Janice Bragg                                                                                                                                          22 January 2022

Mrs Bragg has now resigned from the governing body as of 31st August 2019


Mrs Rosa Partington                                                                                       0/0                                               19 March 2022

Rev Lesley Riley  (Chair)                                                                                  0/0                                               18 December 20

Rev John Riley    (Ex Officio)                                                                         0/0                                               Permanent

Rev J Riley is also a Governor for Gosforth C of E Primary School

Mr M Baldwin                                                                                                    0/0                                                31 August 2023  




Parent Governor

Mrs C Murray                                                                                                   0/0                                               31 August 2022

Mrs Murray is also Staff Governor for Thornhill Primary School

Mrs Claire West                                                                                               0/0                                                 08 January 2023                              

Mr Ian Neesam                                                                                                0/0                                                 08 January 2023                                                                                         


Clerk of Governors

Mrs Lenore Thomson                                                                                                              Permanent


All Governors serve a term of 4 years

None of our Governors have any business interests relevant to the school

None of our Governors have any financial interest relevant to the school


We would like any parents who are interested in being part of the governing body in the role of parent governor to contact Mrs Thomson in the office.


Governing Body Committees

Staffing , Curriculum & Pupil Welfare

Mrs Claire Birkett

Rev Lesley Riley (Chair) 

Mr Ben Cass

Mrs Julia Harrison

Rev John Riley 

Mrs Claire West


Health & Safety

Mrs Claire Birkett

Rev Lesley Riley

Mr Ben Cass 

Mrs Rosa Partington



Mrs Claire Birkett

Rev Lesley Riley

Mr M Baldwin

Mrs Claire Murray 

Mr Ian Neesam