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Beckermet C of E Primary School

Let your light shine

Year 3 and 4 Home Learning




Zoom link available on Class Dojo

Video available here.

Worksheet available here.

Answers available here.

Spend time on Maths Whizz.


English: Zoom link available on Class Dojo

Find out what a free verse poem is and how it is structured here. Read the poem summertime rhythms and predict what types of poetic device we might find in a free verse poem for example metaphors. Then read through the poem and identify and highlight what poetic devices have been used using the sheet below as a guide (answers on 2nd page to check). Were your predictions correct? Why/Why not?


PE: Follow a workout of your choice from Joe Wicks on Youtube.


Religious Education: Design a geometric tile in an islamic style. On your tile write one fact that you have learned about mosques. Find a guide to features of a Mosque below alongside examples of islamic patterns. Video about going to a mosque available here.