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Using iPads to create e Books in Y1/2


At Beckermet CE Primary school, we strive to prepare our children for an everchanging technological world. Computing is a valued subject within our curriculum and is recognised as a key subject that children will use and build upon in their school and adult life.

 Computing is part of our creative curriculum and is used within real life contexts and situations. It is our intention that Computing is used as a tool to support the creativity and talent of our children.  Where there is not a strong link with other areas of the curriculum, Computing can be taught as a stand-alone subject. The school follows a progressive nature, recapping and building upon key skills. We encourage the children to use their own initiative and problem-solving skills to create individual and valued pieces of work.


Whole School

Our goal is to enable all children, regardless of age, ability, background or additional needs to grow more confident in their own ability. It is a clear message as part of our Christian and British Values that all children are able to achieve and flourish.

All planning is linked to a key area of the National Curriculum and is supported by clear knowledge and skills progression. To ensure a broad curriculum Computing is split into the following three main areas: Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology.

 We have a subscription to Purple Mash. This allows our children to access technology both at home and school. Children are able to share their learning with parents and practise new skills taught in school.


Despite computing not being explicitly mentioned within the Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage, which focuses on the learning and development of children from birth to age five, there are many opportunities for young children to use technology to solve problems and produce creative outcomes. Children has access to a range of technology within their continuous provision.


Computer Science

In Key Stage One, children are taught how technology is used beyond school and how the internet is used. They are taught about algorithms and simple programs using BeeBots and other programmable toys.

Digital Literacy

Children should learn how to use technology safely, including learning about being safe on the internet and learning which sites are okay to use. Children learn about what information should and should not be shared on the internet and learn about sending safe messages online.

Information Technology

Children begin to use Microsoft word to create simple stories and they use paint to draw their own digital images. They learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to make a simple presentation and use digital cameras to take images.  Children create their own animations and models and begin to record data using graphs.


Computer Science

Children learn how to use technology beyond school including: blogging, emailing, sharing documents, texting or messaging and video calling. They write and debug simple programs and explain how work. algorithms

Digital Literacy

Children use technology safely and respectfully and know how to report concerns. Children learn about sharing others information and plagiarism. They use search engines safely and effectively and learn what is a valuable source.  Children learn about protecting themselves online and the importance of not sharing personal information. Children learn about the effects of cyberbullying and how to maintain a respectful online presence.

Information Technology

Children use Microsoft Office programs for a particular purpose. They learn how to take and adapt a digital image. Children record their own animations, sound and video and are able to edit their work. Children use modelling programs for a particular purpose. They record data using spreadsheets, graphs, and tables.


The implementation of this curriculum ensures that when children leave Beckermet CE Primary School, they are competent and safe users of computers and technology. They will understand how a range of technology works in school and in a wider setting. They will have developed skills to express themselves, be creative in using digital media and be equipped to apply their skills in Computing to different challenges going forward. They will have the necessary problem-solving skills and creativity, to produce individual pieces of work for purpose. The children will possess the basic skills needed in preparation for KS3. 



Click this link to view the computing national curriculum.

Click this this link to view the EYFS framework.  

Progression of skills document