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Welcome to Year 3 and 4



Our 2019 - 2020 class of Year 3/4

Home Learning

Please check this class page regularly to see home learning resources I will be posting for completion at home. I will post some specific activities for children to complete as a minimum and some general resources for children to engage with additional to these. For those who do not have access to a printer, please complete activities in an exercise book, notebook or on paper. Please remember to note down the date at the top of the page. A letter will be sent out with my email address on it so that you can contact me to keep in touch with any questions. 

Easter Holiday Activities

Most importantly have a break, a chill! Enjoy your holiday.

But if you do have some free time and have run out of things to do don't forget these activities:
Read a good book, Strive for 5, or listen to an audio book, ask someone to read to you, or

Practice your spellings and any from the Y3/4 word list. These can be found on Play the games, do the activities, even choose words from an earlier Year group to keep up your revision.

Times Tables, use Times Tables Rock Stars or where there are free games to play on.
Watch Learning clips on BBC Bitesize

Twinkl has tons of resources for art and craft.

Exercise!! Body coach, Just Dance, yoga, walk in the fresh air, a kick about in your garden.

Form a band using home made instruments, junk or any household item.

Please also refer to our Useful Websites page.

See the links below for additional resources.

Friday 27th March 2020

Good Morning Class!

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. It was great to speak to so many of you and hear how you are getting on. 

Thank you also for the fantastic work some of you are sending to me, keep it coming please.

Well seeing as it's the last day of term, I thought we'd go with an Easter theme today. Please start your day with some exercise, a workout with Joe, a dance, whatever you fancy.

Maths:  Don't forget your daily dose of Times Tables Rock Stars. I hope some of you have had a go at Numbots.

I'm including a range of Easter maths activities, choose which one you would like to do, or if you fancy doing more than one then go for it!

Easter egg fractions

Number sentence match

Easter joke

Easter Mystery


English:  Log on to using your username and password. Click on your Year Group at the top of the page and have a go at the Easter Reading Comprehension activity.

Keep practising your spellings, there are lots of different activities on Spellingframe. 

At 11 o' clock, elevenses (or anytime in the day) grab a cushion, get comfortable and enjoy listening to a David Walliams story It's always a good time for a story!


Be arty, follow these step by step instructions to draw an Easter bunny 

Please have adult supervision when opening this link.

Here is my Easter Bunny! Hope you're impressed class.

Who questioned my drawing ability??

PLEASE send me yours and we'll make our own Art Gallery.

Can't wait to see them!


Now have an 'Eggcellent' Easter Holiday, have a 'cracking' time!

Happy Easter!!

or should I say

Joyeuses Pâques 

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good Morning Everyone!

It was lovely to receive work from some of you yesterday by email, I enjoyed reading your fact files. Keep sending them to me. 

Thought we'd start with the Topic Challenge I set for you yesterday, I wonder which of the options you chose and what your reasons were?

Things you might have considered... How good are their map-reading skills? Would sending one or two people off in the dark put them in greater danger? Have they enough equipment to divide up between them? 

In the end, if all four members of the group stayed together they might be safer and could either wait for help to arrive or find a way down in daylight. 


Now let's get started with today. Don't forget to get the day off to a good start with some exercise, we're loving the Joe Wicks 9am workout in my house.


Please ask someone to test you on last weeks spellings. You can write them in your book, just like we do in school. Good Luck!

For this weeks spellings you will need to go to 

For my Groups 1, 2, and 4 spellers you will need to click on Enter Word List Code

Group 1 your code is 21672  (words with a-e, i-e, o-e and u-e)

Group 2 your code is 21655  (regular and irregular verb tense changes)

Group 4 your code is 21648 ( word families based on common words)

At the bottom of the next page on your screen click on Print Word List you do not need to print the list of words off, you can copy them carefully into your book. Now go to Practise/Test and begin practice.  Have a go at the activities on Spelling Tiles and you can play the Free game Bullseye Spelling You can use these activities all week to help practise your spellings.

Group 3: You need to click on Year 3 and 4 and go to Spelling Rule 23 Homophones and near-homophones. View the words and copy them carefully into your books. Play will take you to the same activities as the groups above.

 Handwriting: Practice your spellings and your handwriting.

To continue our learning about verb tenses and more unusual ways of showing the past tense please click here



Start off with your daily Times Tables Rock Stars please.  Could you also have a look at Numbots which you can access from TTRS and use the same login details. Try the Story game mode.

Carrying on with our work on tenths,  Tables 1 and 4 click here

Tables 2 and 3 have a go at this. See what you can do on your own. it should give you an idea of how much you have learned about this unit. It may take you some of tomorrows lesson as well.

There is agame to play on Under categories, click on Fractions Decimals and Percentages. Then scroll down to the games and play the free Crystal Crash - Fractions of Numbers



We have come to the end of our Sound unit. To prepare for your end of unit assessment have a go at these activities first.

Play the Sound game I sent home with you for homework. If you didn't get the game you can find it here

Activity Sheet Sound Q and A Answers.pdf

Watch these clips on BBC Bitesize KS2 Science Sound: Understanding Sound

Making sounds with different pitches

What makes noise sound higher or lower?

Now have a go at the End of Unit assessment.


P.E. Hopefully you have all been exercising every day, doing either a Bodycoach workout, some yoga or even going for a walk in the fresh air. Try this for something different...  Just Dance - Eye of the Tiger. Please have adult supervision when opening this link.

Have a fantastic day everyone. 


Wednesday 25th March 2020
Good Morning Guys !
Wow you are amazing. Well done ! I have planned your lessons for today but before we begin I would like you to do a 5 minute workout. This might be watching the Bodycoach for kids 5 minute workout, a family workout or some yoga. 


Read the paragraph of text describing the white witches castle.

Worksheet click here pdf

Underline the descriptive phrases in Pink. Underline the openers in orange.

Read the text again.

Produce a story map using pictures for the first paragraph.  Next I would like you to put actions to the text.  You may want to video yourself retelling the paragraph on an ipad and most certainly perform it infront of your family.

Finally, draw a picture of what you think the white witches house would look like.



Continuing on from yesterday :

Table 1 and 4 you will be solving problems involving tenths click here

Table 2 and 3 you will be looking at the place value of tenths and hundredths

Challenge table 2 and 3 : Adding decimals


 Wednesday afternoon work 25th March 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Missing you all already!

I'm going to try and stick to our normal timetable, so we've got Topic, our last lesson on Mountains, and French for this afternoon. 

Click here for the French activity.

Have a good day everyone, enjoy the work. 

Tuesday 24th March 2020
Good Morning Guys !
Super proud of the work you completed yesterday.  Well done ! I have planned your lessons for today but before we begin I would like you to do a 5 minute workout. This might be watching the Bodycoach for kids 5 minute workout, a family workout or some yoga


Today we will be exploring alphabetical order.

When creating a glossary it is essential that it is organised alphabetically.  When organising words alphabetically firstly we look at the first letter, then the second, then the third and so on.....

Complete the worksheet to remind ourselves how to organise words in alphabetical order

Worksheet 1 click here

Worksheet 1 PDF version

When creating a glossary not only are the words organised alphabetically, but alongside the key word is a definition.  Using a dictionary (if you don't have a dictionary you could use ) organise the key words in alphabetical order and find there definitions.


Year 3                                                                                                                       Year 4

illustrator                                                                                                                 illustrator

scholar                                                                                                                     illustration

author                                                                                                                      author

Chronicle                                                                                                                 scholar

graduate                                                                                                                  Chronicle

Christian                                                                                                                  Christian




Table 1 and 4 

Continue to explore tenths.  Look closely at the shapes.  What fraction of the shape is shaded ?  Shade the fraction.

Worksheet table click here pdf


Table 3 and 4

Today you will be exploring the value of the digits in decimals and comparing them.

Worksheet 1 click here

Worksheet 2 click here


Don't forget your daily times tables rock stars






Image result for time table rockstar



If you haven't already done so, create your boiled easter egg.  remember to only use resources from home.  If you don't have an egg or have completed your boiled egg create an easter collage.



Image result for easter collage


Image result for easter collage 


Monday 23rd March 2020

Good Morning Guys !  

I hope you are all well and raring to go.  I have planned your lessons for today but before we begin I would like you to do a 5 minute workout.  This might be watching the Bodycoach for kids 5 minute workout, a family workout or some yoga. 


We will remind ourselves what are the features of an information text; Information texts are organised in a certain way.
They have a :
• Title
• Introduction paragraph
• Sub headings
• Illustrations/photographs
• Labelled diagrams
• Technical vocabulary
• Bold text
• Glossary
• Fun Facts- Did you know ?
• Clearly organised

Look closely at the text I have highlighted about sharks can you see all of the features ?

Sharks and Mars worksheet click here

Next : Look closely at the text on Mars can you highlight the features. 

When you have completed this and annotated (labelled the features) Can you add another subheading of your own? This will involve you finding out about Mars. What will be your subheading ? Will you have any technical vocabulary ?



Table 1 and Table 4
Remember what is a fraction ?
A fraction is an object or number broken into equal pieces/parts.
Today we are going to continue exploring tenths using the part-part-whole model.
Remember 1 whole is broken into ten equal parts
Click here for worksheet

Table 2 and 3
You will explore tenths and hundredths . Remember the place value of your digits.
Units . tenths hundredths

Click here for worksheet


Using the Stop Motion App continue to create the animation of the Easter story. Create the story from when Jesus is placed in the tomb,  Mary finds the tomb empty and Jesus has risen.

If you cannot access the App make a story board.  Remember whichever way you record your work highlight how the people were feeling: despair, sadness, hope, happiness etc.

Easter Story Powerpoint


Please click here to see our topic map.


NEW!! You will find here more Learning Packs for English and Maths. These were handed out in the last few days of school. For those children who were not in school, you can find them here.

For additional Year 3 home learning resources for English and Maths please click here

For guidance for the above Year 3 tasks please click here

For some fun Year 3 activities please click here

For additional Year 4 learning resources for English and Maths please click here

For guidance for the above Year 4 tasks please click here

For some fun Year 4 activities please click here

For some Reading Inference activities for Year 4 please click here


Please take a look at our curriculum overview for this year 2019-2020.

Here is our English curriculum overview for this year 2019-2020.

Here is our class timetable.

Here are some of the things we are learning about:


This half term we will be concentrating on quest narrative story writing, poetry and persuasive writing.  Our main text focus will be: Super Power books by Alex Cliff, Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver The Fire-Work Makers Daughter by Philip Pulman and The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.



Image result for super powers alex cliffWolf Brother Hardcover Educational Edition By Michelle Paver Iron Man by Ted Hughes - (9780571141494)Related image




 In maths we are going to do lots of work around:

  • number and place value 
  • addition and subtraction methods both written and mental 
  • measures 
  • data 
  • decimals 
  • fractions
  • shape  
  • time 
  • problem solving               

One of our main focuses this term will be our times tables.


In Science this half term we are going to be learning all about Spectacular Sound. The children will explore a range of instruments and objects to discover how they make sounds, how the sounds can be loud or quiet and experiment with changing the pitch to make high or low sounds. They will explore and discover that things vibrate which makes the sound and that these vibrations travel through a medium, such as solids, liquids and gases before reaching our ears. They will carry out exciting investigations to help their understanding of how sounds are made, how sounds can be absorbed by soundproofing and how the volume of sounds differ depending on the distance you are from the sound source.






  Our topic for this term is Mountains, a very fitting topic due to the beautiful area we live in. We will have fun using atlases and maps to locate main mountains and mountain ranges within the UK and in every continent, exploring the use of colour and contour lines to show height. We will look at how different mountains are formed and blast into discovering all about volcanoes, tectonic plates and the composition of the earth! We will descibe features of mountain ranges and the climate and weather experienced there and how this affects what animal and plant life lives there and how they are adapted to mountain life. The children will learn about the achievements of mountaineers Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay and we will champion our British hero Sir Chris Bonington and look at how Alfred Wainwright has helped put our Lakeland fells on the map.

We will hopefully visit the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Base to learn about their role in our locality.                                                                                                                                                                                                         



This term we will be exploring how Christians and Muslims show how they are thankful.





The children will explore how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour and identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact.  

The children will also be exploring how to produce a poster ( digital publishing), create and create and present a powerpoint.



This Spring term the children will continue to learn common French phrases and continuously revise the basics from last term. They will learn actions, like jump, run, touch, colours, days of the week as well as continuing to learn numbers to help us count up to 50.  The main focus will be on speaking the language, through songs, rhymes, role play and games. We will also practice throughout the schoolday where appropriate, even taking the register in french.                                                                 


 Design Technology

This subject will be linked to our Geography and Science topics this term. 

 For DT the children's task is to design and make a musical instrument, with which they can change the pitch of the notes.

They will also be challenged to create models of a mountain or mountain range.



The children will continue to learn the recorder.


P.E kit

P.E kit should be brought to school on a Monday and left in school for the half term. Children should have a white T-shirt, black shorts and suitable shoes. The children will be focusing on improving and developing their throwing and catching skills and their ability to move with the ball through a range of invasion games. They will play simple competitive games and apply the basic principles of attacking and defending.


Water bottles

Water bottles should be brought to school on a Monday and taken home every night to be washed. Please note that juice is not permitted in school. 


Children who read at home five times a week will receive  recognition for their efforts. Fluent readers do not always need to read aloud, but if they are reading independently please still sign the reading record and check from time to time to show that your child is reading accurately and understanding what they are reading. Strive for 5!

Children receive a set of spellings each Thursday. Children will also be expected to learn their times tables  and may be given additional pieces of classwork. Please check your child's reading folder regularly. Homework is due back in on a Wednesday.