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Welcome to Year 5 and 6

Summer Term

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We have 21 amazing children in year 5/6!

Please take a look at our curriculum overview for this year 2020-21.

Here is our English curriculum overview for this year 2020-21

Here is an example of our weekly timetable

In English we are going to immerse ourselves in Shakespeare's The Tempest. Lots of drama and writing will be involved! We will then complete some writing based on our 'Extreme Earth' topic. We are going to design and advertise our very own disaster survival kits! We will pitch our products and write persuasively.

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In Maths we are going to study the following topics: 

  • Area, perimeter and volume
  • Statistics 
  • Ratio and Proportion 

In class we will complete a mental maths challenge each week. 

We will work regularly to polish our times table knowledge. I will be setting some regular times table inverse operation challenges in class. It is important that children access times table rockstars at home. Login details can be given.  

Our first summer topic is called Extreme Earth and is very exciting! Click here to see our topic web for Extreme Earth. 

Click here to see our Extreme Earth knowledge organiser. 

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In R.E. we will examine: 

  • What are some different ways in which religion and science look at the world as God's creation

As part of this RE topic we will explore and compare creation stories from different religions. We will look at and create our own creation art. We will explore different views of creation and scientific and religious thinking.  

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Our Science topic is called Animals Including Humans. We will learn about reproduction and life cycles. 


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In PSHCE we will look at: 

  • Aid and charity work - link to Extreme Earth topic. 
  • Moving on - transition work 
  • Sex and relationships education 

Our P.E. this term will focus on skills and games. We will start with hockey, then move onto cricket and rounders. Please ensure PE kits are brought into school on Mondays and taken home on Fridays. 

In French our topic is going to be school life, which will include: 

  • School objects
  • Where things are
  • Subjects
  • Favourite/least favourite subjects

In Music we are going to continue playing the glockenspiel. We will begin to read musical notations. We will learn to play some songs by reading the music then we will compose and perform our own piece. 


Children in year 5 and 6 will receive their homework on Mondays and this is expected to be returned to school on Fridays. This provides children will ample opportunities to seek help if needed. Please indicate on your child's homework if they needed your support. Children are expected to read to an adult five times per week in order to 'strive-for-5'. Please record reading within planners and sign. Planners will be checked on Fridays. 

Homework will include a set of spellings with handwriting, and an additional piece which will usually be either maths or English related. There may be occasions when homework is part of topic work. Children will make a note of their homework in their planners.