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Spring 2024

Connecting with nature

This week we worked with Paul Rose to immerse ourselves in nature. We used our senses and feelings to think about the bigger picture and reflect on what we are grateful for in the moment. 


This term we have been looking at rivers. We had the opportunity to visit Blencathra and take measurements of the river Kilnhow Beck. We've used this in our geography lessons to learn how rivers are formed! We have also been doing some creative writing on rivers using imagery and rich description!


“You are the children that God dearly loves. So follow his example.” Ephesians 5:1


Our big question this half term is:

How does/did Jesus change lives?


We have been exploring the meaning of change and how our lives have changed. We learned that some changes are temporary and some are permanent, and that they can be both positive and negative. 

We then started to explore how Jesus has changed lives through stories from the Bible. We first looked at The Calling of Levi ​(Matthew 9:9-13, Mark 2:13-17, Luke 5:27-32). We learned that to follow God is a choice. Matthew had a choice: to stay a sinner or to follow Jesus and become one of his disciples.

The story of The Rich Young Man (Matthew 19:16-30, Mark 10:17-31, Luke 18:18-30) told us that it can be hard for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God. We discussed the qualities God would look for in His people and agreed that God would want His people to be sharing and compassionate of others. 

In French, we have been learning all about French classrooms. We have really enjoyed looking at French culture by learning numbers, days of the week, months, seasons and what holidays are celebrated in France! We will learn how to say our birthday in French and ask others when their birthday is. We had a WOW moment when we realised how many months sound similar in French to what they do in English!

Bright Stars

This year Year 3 and 4 are taking part in Bright Stars, where we create our own social enterprise to make a positive impact on our local community. We have worked alongside Nuclear Waste Services to learn all about how to make an impact and work collaboratively in teams. 

We decided to call our social enterprise Booktabulous Reads after voting on our favourite logo created by one of the children. We are going to make our own book based on friendship, kindness and trust. Watch this space to see our final creation! 

Autumn 2023

This half term we celebrated Advent. Year 3 and 4 led the school in Advent 3, focusing on what joy means to us and the role it plays in the Christmas story. We also learned about the Hanukkah story and made our own dreidels to play with!

This term we went on a trip to the Beacon Museum as part of our history and English topic: The Stone Age! We had so much fun participating in a Stone Age workshop, learning all about what life was like for early humans. 

This half-term we have started our Hockey and Cricket sessions in PE. We have enjoyed learning how to throw and bat in cricket and how to attack and defend in hockey. 

This week Year 3 and 4 had a visit from United Utilities for a Wonderful Water Workshop! We learned all about how much water we use, where it comes from and how we can reduce how much water we use every day by making small changes. We learned all about the water cycle too!

Our Art and History topic this half term is The Stone Age. We have been reading Stone Age Boy in English and learning about the three different ages in History: Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. We travelled back to the Stone Age in Art and completed our own cave paintings using chalk and charcoal!

Summer 2023


The pupils in Year 3 and 4 visited the Lake District Wildlife Park as part of our 'Animals including Humans' topic in science. We had a fabulous time meeting all the animals at the park! We met zebras, otters, tortoises, meerkats, birds of prey, donkeys and so many more incredible animals! We participated in an 'Amazing Animals' workshop where we talked about vertebrates and invertebrates, the food chain and different types of animals! We also had the opportunity to listen to Keeper Talks about birds of prey and meerkats (we even had a tawny owl join us on the benches!). 

Spring 2023


It's been a busy week for our class with all of our Easter celebrations! From our egg competition to our bonnet parade, our Easter Story assemblies and our arts and crafts, we've had fun!


This years theme for science week Connections. 

Nearly all innovations in science, technology, engineering and maths are built on connections between people; two (or more) heads are better than one, after all! But as well as exploring the importance and joy in connections between individual scientists, research groups and institutions, we have been discussing the different ways connections appear across all areas of science. Evolution, for example, shows us the ways that animals, including humans, as well as well, plants and bacteria are all connected in a family tree stretching back lots and lots of years!

We have been learning all about Charles Elton, an ecologist who studied food webs, food chains and an animals relationships with their habitat. 

We created our own class food web and discussed producers, consumers and predators and how they are all linked together!

On Friday morning, a visitor came in from MathsWhizz to create rockets and talk about forces and gravity. We had so much fun making our own rockets!

We also joined in on a BBC Live Lesson about forces and gravity and made our own spaceships!

Another SkillsBlox session complete! Today we learned all about our personality types that are associated with different animals. Everyone completed a quiz and discovered what jobs are suited best to their personality!

More Rounders practice! Today focusing on how we can work together as a team and get the balls back to the bawler as quick as possible! Brilliant communication from the children!

World Book Day

 We have had a very busy World Book Day this year! We created our own reading mural and wrote about what reading means to us, created a collaborative class poetry book based on 'How to be a Lion' by Ed Vere, had a competition to see who could convince Year 5 and 6 that their book was the best and ended the day with a very relaxing reading session with the whole school in the hall!

In Rounders we have been learning about how to throw and catch and how to be the best fielding team!

Playground games in French! We have been learning all about counting and playing games in French with Mrs Dorling!

NSPCC Number Day

This term we have been reading Agents of the Wild in English. We thoroughly enjoyed joining Attie and Agnes on their operation to save an endangered bee specie! We will be writing our own adventure story with Attie, Agnes and a new character we have created.

Today we found out that we have to travel by boat to reach our destination. So, the class split into groups of 4 to build a model of what their boat would look like.

We had to measure our boat in cm and count carefully to make sure it would float. The boat had to have:

  • An anchor
  • A flag
  • A name
  • Be at least 10cm long

All groups met the requirements for their design and one boat successfully floated in water! 

We really enjoyed mixing maths, design and technology and English together in today's teamwork themed activity for Number Day!

Celebrating Chinese New Year by making Year of the Rabbit origami! 

Practicing notation in singing with our Viking music theme this term!

Learning colours and numbers in French!

In science we have been learning all about the digestive system, how we use our teeth and why we need to keep our teeth clean!

We made our own cushions as part of our Design and Technology topic!

Learning new skills playing cricket this Spring!

Autumn 2022

Creating Christmas themed inventions based on our class story The Christmas Carrolls!

In art we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt.

In P.E we have been learning how to create our own Egyptian dance.

Summer 2022

We made turtles out of clay as a part of art week.

Creating collagraph printing plates and making our own prints as part of Art Week.

Platinum Jubilee Party

In maths we have been learning all about time, we have used our clocks to help us practice telling the time.

Our PE has helped us to focus on teamwork, listening and collaboration. We completed lots of team-building games and played our own version of rock paper scissors.

For our school kindness day we planted sunflower seeds hopefully they will grow into beautiful flowers with our care at home.

We have been celebrating Easter with our Egg decorating competition and our easter bonnets parade. It was nice to see what everybody had made.

In Geography we have been learning about latitude and longitude, today we investigated how they can help us to find places around the world. We used google maps to find different places using their latitude and longitude. We listen to our latitude and longitude song when we do our Geography to remind us what they are, here it is.

We have continued learning about shape, size and colour in French finding and labelling different shapes. 

Year 3 and 4 Rocking our socks

Red Nose Day!!

In French we have started to learn about shape, colour and size. We followed our instructions in French and created colorful tangrams.

World Book Day!

On World book day we created a whole school book,. we also created book nooks in boxes showing a scene from our class text 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'. We also had great fun sharing our books altogether in the hall and having our own reading time. We also created a door jacket for our classroom with Lucy and Mr. Tumnus.

Starting our new math's unit on measurement meant that we needed to know the length of everything around our classroom. we had lots of fun measuring the different objects.

Playing a 3 times table multiplication and division game to remind us how we use our times tables for inverse operations. Finding 1x3 =3 tells us that 3/3=1 and using this to consider the whole times table.

Our worlds... we opened up the wardrobe doors just like in 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' and created our own imaginary worlds before writing a description of what we could see in our new worlds.

In science we have been looking at forces. We found out that cyclists have specially designed outfits to prevent air resistance. We wanted to test out how much air resistance really affects speed. We designed an experiment where we created outfits with a bigger surface area so that we could have more air resistance and timed our nominated runner from each team with and without the outfit.

We began to read 'The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe' we learned about the children being evacuees during the war. As Lucy went into the wardrobe and got to the lamp post she saw a mysterious stranger. Who was it and why were they there? We all thought about how Lucy might be feeling before becoming Lucy and asking some important questions.

Times tables is  a very important part of our math's, especially as we were finishing off our multiplication and division topic. We decided to focus on the three times tables and played a game of three times table splat to practice being as quick as we can with our times tables. We then looked at using the inverse and dividing multiples of three by three we did this in groups then worked together to sort them on the board. 

Harry Potter Day!

We had to be very careful to look out for all of these wanted witches and wizards!

We worked together to create all different kinds of potions, carefully measuring out the correct amount of all our different ingredients.

Chinese New Year!

For Chinese New Year we created tangrams in Maths, Looked at the story of Nian in English and we created colourful paper dragons as well as printing out the symbols for the year of the Tiger and the year that we were born.

We Remember, our school Remembrance Day service over zoom.

Netball ……goal !