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Weekly Challenges
This week our theme is Give thanks to God today for the animals with whom we share a common home, and for making such an abundance of life.
As we enter Holy Week we reflect.


Challenge 5

Good Friday

Today we remember the day when Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice and died on the cross.
So today we remember: We ask God to be close to all those in the world who are suffering.
I would like you today to create a cross: a very important Christian symbol throughout the world.
Display it in your home over the Easter weekend as a sign of hope and faith.
Also why not make a symbol of hope a rainbow or symbol of love for all of those in our communities.

Challenge 4

Maundy Thursday

Today we remember a meal that Jesus shared with his friends, 'The Last Supper'. Jesus shared the bread and wine with his closest friends.
So today I would like you to do some cooking with your family and share your food together and send me some photos.
Maybe you could create a poster/menu/instructions about your food.

Challenge 3

Holy Wednesday

On Holy Wednesday we remember when Judas Iscariot decided to betray Jesus for thirty silver coins, His friend betrayed him. Today we will explore the true qualities of friendship:

1) Today I would like you to think about all of the qualities which you think make a true friend and produce a wordle. 

Challenge 2:

Holy Tuesday 

Jesus was followed by crowds to listen to his stories, His teachings.  He told the people a parable, a story about a fig tree.  

The owner of the tree was saddened and frustrated that for 3 years the fig tree had failed to bear any fruit. So he told his servant to cut it down.

The servant asked his Lord not cut it down but to give it 1 more year to bear fruit.  The servant said he would care and tend to it.


The teaching behind this parable is to have faith and never give up.  Jesus wanted his followers to understand that if they did something wrong and were sorry he would always forgive them and have faith in them.


Today you have been asked to create a Faith tree.  Create your tree then cover it with words or symbols which you feel are important to you when you find something difficult or when you have done something wrong.  Times when you feel you need to have faith.






Challenge 1

We remember when Jesus entered Jerusalem.  The streets were lined with people, singing and praising, giving thanks.  They waved palms in celebration.


What would you wave in celebration today if Jesus came to Beckermet ?

.Our Lenten theme this week is creatures of the sea and sky:

Prayer for the week
All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.
He gave us eyes to see them,
And lips that we might tell,
How great is God Almighty,
Who has made all things well.
Cecil Frances Alexander (1818–1895




Challenge 3 :

God made the animals of the sea and sky.  Today your challenge was to create your own creature of the sky and describe its special features.

Challenge 2 :

Today our theme is birds : Look at the birds of the air. Watch and listen out for the birds today. Can you maybe do an observational drawing of a bird, create a sculpture, compose a bird song, write a poem ? It's up to you !


Challenge 1:

 Today I would like to set you the challenge of thinking about how you could limit how much plastic you use and to create something wonderful from your recycled plastic.  Here are some of your amazing creations.

What do you think of mine and Vincent's robot????? Not bad !