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Collective Worship


Collective worship is much valued feature of the school’s daily life at Beckermet Primary School.  It is a joyful, reflective and  thought provoking experience for everyone. Planning ensures that we think deeply about a range of Bible stories, festivals, global issues etc. all of which are underpinned by important Christian beliefs and values.  The school worships both collectively and in primary phase groups on a daily basis.  Our friends and families are invited weekly to join us in celebrating all our successes showing how we can all shine in many ways.

Worship happens both inside and outside of the classroom and dedicated times such as our prayer space day enhance the importance of how prayer can make a positive impact to one’s life. We also worship with the local community at special times of year in our local Church - St John's.

Pupils love singing, particularly action songs, acting out stories, answering interesting questions and they are highly appreciative of the contributions of local clergy and other visitors.  The enjoy organising and delivering their class worship choosing music, reading reflecting on the big questions raised during worship.

Pupils gain a good understanding of the purpose of prayer, both through writing prayers and interacting with activities around school or in the grounds outside. Use of reflective spaces in classrooms and outdoor areas encourages pupils to reflect or pray. 

Class reflection areas provide a space for children to be quiet and peaceful. They provide positive affirmations, challenge thoughts and feelings and incorporate prayer in many different ways. Our reflection spaces, always include a variety of Bibles and faith stories, artefacts and resources to support reflection and prayer.

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Week Beginning 13th July  2020

Theme: I know how to help others in different ways

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Theme: I can share my love in many ways

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Theme: I know how to be brave and face challenges

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Theme:  I know to appreciate those in my life and my environment.

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Theme:  I know how to show love

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Week Beginning 27th April 2020

Theme:  I know how to use my talents to help others


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Our Father

Reverend Riley visited school today and she introduced us to Maximus the church mouse.  She told us a story about Maximus and how he learned the Our Father prayer.

Reverend Riley then played a song on the accordion, and we joined with her to sing the prayer of the Our Father.



'Fifty days of waiting' by Vicky Scott

Sitting, standing, pacing, waiting,
Talking, pausing, laughing, hating,
Doubting, hoping, gazing, frowning,
Frozen, silent, somehow drowning.

Captivated, hushed, stunned and dazed, 
Transfixed, terrified and amazed.
A wind so strong my ears feel pain, 
Tongues of fire lash down like rain.

What is happening to us here?
Language unknown is somehow clear.
What is this visit from on high?
New boldness, so no longer shy.

People staring and looking amused,
As if we’re drunk, misled, confused.
Suddenly one stood to explain,
That Jesus left and the Spirit came

Easter 2019