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Home learning:

Year 1: Thursday 31st March 2022 

Today is Kindness Day! I hope you're wearing lovely bright colours at home!

Below you will see all the different activities we are hoping to do in class would be great if you could try and do some of them at home too! Just remember though that we can be kind to people in other parts of the world in many different ways, just like we are kind to each other!!


Kindness map: write the word 'kindness' in the middle of a piece of paper. Then write down all the things that the word makes you think of around it. 'Kindness' makes me think of being happy...doing things to help people...I wonder what you will come up with?


Draw around your can do it a few times if you want to and then cut them out. Can you arrange them like a tree on a piece of paper? During the day, every time you do something kind, write it on one of your handprints on your kindness tree! I wonder how many things you will do!


Think about someone you like being kind to. It would be lovely if you could make a kindness card for them. Have a think about what you could put on the front of the card. What might you write inside? It could be a message to cheer them up. You might have a funny joke for them! Maybe you're promising to do something to help them? Can't wait to see your card!


I would like some posters for our classroom about how to be kind. would you be able to make one for me? Have a think about all the different ways that we can be kind to each other in school. Maybe you could draw some bright and colourful pictures on your poster to show all the things that you think of! 


If we have time, we might write a story about a time when we were kind to someone. Try and think what you did for them...where were you? what had happened? See if you can draw some pictures to illustrate your story.


You could also make a kindness paper chain! You could write a way of being kind on each strip of paper and colour them rainbow colours!


Have a lovely Kindness Day!!