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Welcome to Year 1/2

Home Learning

Please can you try to check this page on a regular basis to see home learning resources/activities that I will be posting for the children to complete at home. This work is based around what the children would be doing in class. If you do not have access to a printer, please use the exercise books that the children are bringing home to complete the work in. 

If you have any questions or need advice of any kind, please contact me using my school email address, which is on the letter the children brought home on Friday.

A new term means a new topic for us to have some fun with so here's a clue Year 1 & 2...

Have you guessed yet?

Our topic this term is...WHAT'S BEHIND THE GARDEN GATE?

I decided that since we are all staying in our houses at the moment, that we should make use of our gardens as well to help us learn new things!


Collective Worship today-under heading Christian Life-Collective Worship or on Class Dojo

Number challenge to end the week!


Click here for today's lesson.


Year 1. Click here for your spelling list.

Year 2. Click here for your spelling list.

Click here for different way of learning your spellings.


If you collected and pressed any petals/leaves a few weeks ago, now is the time to have a look at them and then create some art!

If you didn’t manage to collect any, don’t worry, you could draw create your own art work too with coloured paper, pages from magazines/newspapers etc.

Can’t wait to see them…


If you've still got Clues 3 and 4 to do for Peter Rabbit, then that's your work today.

If you couldn't wait to see who it was and did all the clues on Thursday, here's another mystery for you to solve!!

Last of all for today, have a lovely safe half-term!!


Collective Worship today-under heading Christian Life-Collective Worship or on Class Dojo

Word challenge to start the day.


Click here for today's lesson.


Year 1

Some fun for you today.

Have a look at the word cards here.

Choose 1 but don’t tell anyone which word it is then…act it out!

Can anyone guess your word?

Make sure they use it in a sentence too!


Year 2.

Click here for your activity.

Can you fill in the missing nouns, remembering to use the 'er' suffix.



We’ve come to the end of our unit of work on How we should care for the world and for each other.

I would like you to show all the different things that we could do to care for the world and each other, either by making a poster, a piece of art, a poem…it’s up to you!


Since it's half-term on Friday, I thought we would end the week with a bit of a challenge!

This work is for Thursday and Friday and it's called, 'The Mystery of Peter Rabbit and the Beetroot Burglar!'

I would try to work out Clues 1 and 2 today and then Clues 3 and 4 on Friday!

Here it is!! Enjoy.


Collective Worship today-under heading Christian Life-Collective Worship or on Class Dojo

Number challenge today.


Click here for the lesson.


Year 1.

Have a look at slides 4 and 6 on the presentation and see how you get on with giving directions from one place to another.

With and adult, see if you can find where you live on Google Earth…can you give directions from your house to somewhere else that you can see on the aerial photo?

You could even draw your own map!


Year 2.

First see if you can complete the pictogram.

Next answer the questions, using the information on the pictogram to help you.


Year 1.

Start with a game of Quickwrite.

Here are your words:

help, just, chimp, roast, pond, nest, milk

 Now ask an adult to read these sentences for you to write down. Let me know how you get on!

The chimp sings a song as he jumps up and down.

We put the tent next to the pond.

He put the milk in the sink.

Year 2.

Last phoneme to remember is ‘e_e’.

Start with a game of Dragon’s Den…you need to click on Phase 5, then ‘e_e’.

Can you read these words:

evening, theme, delete, concrete, Chinese, these, Pete

Pick 4 of the words to use in a sentence…write them down if you can!


Make a rock pile

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be learning about all the amazing minibeasts that we have in our gardens.

Before you try any of these activities you must ask an adult if there’s anywhere in your gardens that you can do them! If there isn’t, don’t worry…you could just make little models of them using smaller stones etc,

Rock piles make great homes for frogs, newts, beetles and lots more and they’re very easy to create.

The instructions are here.

Try to check your rock pile every week to see if anyone has moved in!


Word challenge this morning.


Click here for your work Year 1.

Click here for Year 2.


Year 1

Can you explain where all the yummy things are on the shelves in the baker’s shop? Presentation here.

You could play the I Spy game from the presentation too…you could play it in your kitchen too!

Now try to follow the instructions on the 2* or 3* activity sheet.

Just draw your own shelves on paper if you don’t want to print anything off!


Year 2

Look at the block graph on the sheetI’d like you to have a go at the 3* sheet but if you find it tricky then do the 2*.

Then you need to read the statements and try to put them into the correct column.


Year 1.

Ask an adult to say these words and see if you can write them down correctly.

bump, jump, went, tent, damp, bend, mend

 Now read these sentences.

I can boast that I had toast for my lunch.

I think that pink socks might be the best.

If you feel down in the dumps then jump and sing

Finish with a game of Rocket Rescue!

Year 2.

Let’s look at the ‘a_e’ phoneme again today.

Remember it with, ‘make a cake’!!

Can you read these words now:

shake, inflape, invade, plame, trake, amaze

Which are real words and which are nonsense?

Copy these sentences into your books but make sure you can read them first.

It will amaze me if you can escape from this maze.

When the Romans came to invade they made long roads.

Can a snake have a race with a whale in a lake?



What lives in the garden?

Today, if the weather is okay, I’d like you to go outside and have a really careful look at any plants or flowers you have in your gardens/yards/pots etc.


Are there any signs of them having been eaten or nibbled at?

I wonder what sort of things might be nibbling at them?

In my garden I know there’s a rabbit nibbling at the lettuces but can you think of any other creatures or minibeasts that might be doing it?

See if you can draw them and find out a little bit about them too...what plants do they like to nibble on? Where do they like to live or hide?


Year 1

When we add ‘ed’ to the end of a word, it alters the meaning of the word by showing that it happened in the past.

When we add a letter or letters to the end of a word it is called a suffix.

Watch slides 6 to 11 on the presentation for some examples.

Sometimes ‘ed’ at the end of a word sounds a little different…can you hear the differences when you say the words on slide 14? Try to sort them out.

There’s an activity sheet to do now…just to help you a little more!

I’d like you to try the 3* sheet today.


Year 2

Activity today is to help check you understand what happens to a noun when you add the ‘er’ suffix.

Click here for the presentation.

Now try the 2* or 3* activity sheet here.


I can't believe it's half-term on Friday...time has gone so quickly!

Collective Worship today-under heading Christian Life-Collective Worship or on Class Dojo

A number challenge this morning.

It's also Mental Health week and the theme is kindness...great choice at the present time I hope you agree!

It would be lovely if you could follow the instructions to make a 'kindness cup'.

Try and think about anyone who has been really kind to you while we've all had to stay at home and then you 

could present then with the 'Kindness Cup'...but only when it's safe to see them if they're not in your house.

You could send them the certificate anyway!


 I've also put a link to a 5 day Kindness Challenge...there's an activity to do each day, all based on being kind to yourself.

It would be great to see you trying some of them!


Today is an activity using words from The Magic Box story.

Your job is to put them into alphabetical order and then have a look at their meanings.

Click here for the activity.  Year can choose 5 of the words to do the activity.


Year 1.

Have a look at the presentation…can you describe where all the things are in the sea?

Instead of using a whiteboard, see if you can follow the instructions and draw the things in the right place on a piece of paper.

I’ve put the Seaside game on too but you don’t have to print this off if you’d rather not.


Year 2

Watch the presentation and see if you can help Samir to sort his information out.

Have a go at the activity sheet. Remember that your block diagram needs a title and labels so we know what the things are.


Year 1 click here for your phonics activity.


Year 2.

Back to ‘u­_e’ today.

Watch ‘I Love You, Blue Kangaroo’ here.

You might see words that have these phonemes in them: ‘oo’, ‘ue’, ‘u_e’ and ‘ew’.

You could make a list of them in your book…or you could draw a kangaroo and put the words inside it!

Can you read and then write answers to these questions next?

Can you put a huge cube in a tube?

Will a complete prune contain a stone?

Is it ever extremely rude to play a flute?


I know that it's a really strange time for everyone at the moment so I thought we'd start the week by thinking about our feelings.

This sheet should help us to do just that!


Collective Worship today-under heading Christian Life-Collective Worship or on Class Dojo

A word challenge for Friday.


Try to answer as many questions as you can about the Magic Box story.


Year 1. 

Position and direction in space today!

Watch the presentation and see if you can describe where the stars and planets are. Click here for presentation.

Now, make your own space map and add some planets and stars…does your rocket go above or below? You could make a rocket to go on your rocket trail!

You could write the correct words beside each star or planet too.


Year 2. 

Today you’re going to learn about making a block diagram.

First watch slides 4 to 12 on the presentation to see how block diagrams work. If you have any Lego bricks at home, you could use those to help.

Slides 16 to 19 will help you to explain what the diagrams show.

If you want to have a go at making your own block diagram, use the squared paper. You could use toy cars, farm animals or anything else you can find!

There’s a challenge too if you want to have a go!


Year 1 Click here.


Year 2 Click here.

Try this spelling activity with your words now.


Click here for today's activity.

Click here for spiral template.


Collective Worship today-under heading Christian Life-Collective Worship or on Class Dojo

 Number challenge this morning.

ENGLISH: Click here for your work about Zeus.


Year 1. Click here for your mirror activity.

Activity sheet is here.

Year 2. Click here for lesson outline.

Presentation here. 

Activity sheet here.


It would be lovely to see any of your Creation artwork from the last session if you managed to do it.

“God saw everything that had been made and it was good” [Genesis].

God was very pleased with the world that he had created.

I wonder though, what God might think if he looked at the world now. Would he still feel the same?

Try to talk to an adult about the good and bad things about the world today.

Then, either write two lists, one about the good things and one about the bad things…


create a good collage and a bad collage, using things you have in your house to help you.


Year 1.

More work about the ‘un’ prefix today.

Have a go at playing the matching game first…if you’d rather not print it off just write down the pairs of words that match. Matching game.

Your next activity is to choose the right word for each sentence. Activity sheet.

You can choose which activity sheet you want to do, but again, if you don’t want to print it off, just copy the sentences into your book.


Year 2.

We carry on with the work on the suffix ‘ness’ today.

First there is a word search for you to do…good luck! Click here.

Next, I want you to try the 2* or 3* activity sheet. The ‘ness’ words have been jumbled up. Your job is to sort them out and write them in a sentence. Click here.



Collective Worship today-under heading Christian Life-Collective Worship or on Class Dojo

 It's a word challenge this morning Year 1 and 2. Click here.


 For today's activity, click here.



Year 1.

Just a game for you to play today to check how well you know the phonemes from Set 2.

Pick a Picture is one you can play by yourself…let me know your score!

Flashcards Speed Trial needs an adult to check if you’re saying the phonemes correctly or not.

Let me know how many you got right…can you beat your score by playing it again?!

Year 2.

Today I want you to revisit the ‘o_e’ phoneme.

Quickwrite first!

Here are your words: whole, chole, explode, strome, aclose, alone

Now have a go at reading these sentences:

Can a stone explode?

If you are at home alone and you find a bone, will you get on the phone?

Will you see a queen on a throne or on an envelope?

Watch the story of Joseph and his coloured coat now. Click here for story.

Can you draw his beautiful rainbow coat and cover it with ‘o_e’ words?


Click here for today's lesson Year 1. Presentation here. Picture here.

Click here for today's lesson Year 2. Presentation here.

Activity sheet here.

Picture sheet here.


A bridge building challenge for you today!

Have another look at the Japanese bridge in Monet’s garden painting. Click here.

There are some more bridge pictures in the presentation if you want extra ideas. Click here.

Now for the challenge:

I want you to build the strongest bridge possible using only…paper and cardboard.

Your bridge needs to be able to hold the weight of something too, to show how strong it is.

I was trying to think of something that you will all have at home and decided on a tin of food, for example beans!

See if you can take a photo of your bridge with the tin on top of it!

Did you have to make any changes to your bridge design to make it stronger?

Have fun!!


Collective Worship today-under heading Christian Life-Collective Worship

Today's challenge is a number here.

Whoops!! Forget to say it would be great if you could make a birthday card

to celebrate Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday!!


Click here for the final part of the story and your activity for today.


Year 1. Click here for your lesson.

Presentation can be found here.


Year 2. Click here for your lesson.

Presentation is here.

Activity sheets are here.

Challenge cards here.


Year 1. 

Another tricky one today Year 1!

Today is the ‘ure’ phoneme. You’ll find it in words like:

sure, pure, cure, secure, manure, mature

Play Dragon’s Den for a bit more practice at saying words with the ‘ure’ phoneme in them.

Year 2

Today we’re revisiting the ‘i_e’ phoneme.

Play Quickwrite with an adult if you can…here are your words:

shine, slide, prize, nice, inside, invite.

Now copy these sentences in your best handwriting:

Will you invite me inside?

Can a slide shine all the time?

Is it time to get my nice prize yet?

Finish today with a game of Buried Treasure!


Year 1.

Your work this week is to learn what a prefix is.

A prefix is a letter or group of letters added to the beginning of a word which changes its meaning.

Watch slides 6 to 9 on the presentation for examples. Click here for presentation.

Now have a go at either the 1* or 2* activity sheet. If you don’t want to print it then just write the sentences in your book.


Year 2.

Your work this week is to learn what a suffix is.

A suffix is a letter or group of letters that can be added to the end of a word that changes its meaning.

Watching slides 6 to 13 of the presentation might help you to understand but some bits are a little tricky! Click here.

Now try one of the activity sheets. If you find the first one too easy then try the next one. Click here.



Today I want you to have a look at any fruit or vegetables that you have in your house.

Make sure you can name all the fruit and vegetables first.

Then I want you to try to identify which part of the plant each of them came from. Some might be from the leaves, flowers or stems, but others might be from the roots.

Choose a range of fruit and vegetables to draw and then add labels, saying which part of the plant they come from.


Good morning Year 1 and 2. I hope you all had a lovely VE Day and weekend...looking forward to seeing more photos of your celebrations.

The morning challenges this week will alternate between Maths and English

Click here for today's.

Remember to check today's Collective Worship in the 'Christian Life' tab of our school website, or on the school ClassDojo page.


Year 1. This week you're going to think about position and direction.

If there is time, try to watch this presentation but you will need an adult to help.

Try to encourage your child to tell you what kind of turn the tiles have done on the presentation.

Now I want you to have a go at one of the activity sheets. You don't have to print the tiles off but it can be helpful to be able to turn them round physically.

You could also try to make your own tiles and make a turning pattern with them.

Year 2. Statistics for you this week.

Your first task is to spend some time learning some of the information on this knowledge organiser.

Click here for the rest of your lesson.

Click here for the tally chart.

Which month has most birthdays? Which has least birthdays? Do any months have the same number?

Now have a go at making a different tally chart here.

For a bit of a deeper look click here!


 Click here for today's work.


Year 1. It's another tricky one today...'ear'.  We say these 3 letters like we would say the word 'ear'.

Ask an adult to say these words and see if you can write them down using the right letters.

clear, dear, fear, gear, hear, near, rear, tear.

Try to write a couple of sentences in your book using some of the words.

Now have a picnic on Pluto!

Have a go at this activity too.

Year 2. It's revision of the 'ey' phoneme today.

See if you can remember it and help the Cheeky Chimps!

Ask an adult to say these words and see how quickly...and accurately, you can write them down! 

donkey, jockey, turkey, trolley, tronkey, surkey, strolley, quockey

Can you write some sentences in your book using some of the words now?


I thought we'd start the week with a little music!

Click here to see what to do.


Collective Worship today-under heading Christian Life-Collective Worship

Maths challenge:

Same quick challenge for both year groups this morning.

English and History!

I thought this would be a good activity for you to do before your VE Day parties tomorrow.

Use the last 7 pages of the Powerpoint. (slides 23-30)

Write a description about what you can see – why do you think that those people are happy that the war is over?

Draw your own picture of what a street party might be like – make it really colourful. Who might be in your picture?


Year 1. I Today I want you to have a go at some problems, all involving money and being able to recognise the coins you've used this week.

Try these first. Now have a go at these!


Year 2. 

Your first activity is to try to make all the rows add up to the right amounts of money.

Pick which sheet you would like to try!

Problem solving for you too now.

These are a bit easier if you're feeling tired at the end of the week.

If you've still got lots of energy left then try these!



Today I want you to spend a little time thinking about Creation.

Christian people believe that God created the earth in 7 days, creating a different part each day and resting on day 7.

Listen to the story here

Have a look at Kate Neal's art, 'Picturing Creation'. (link is below)

If you have time, talk about each piece you think the painting matches what happened on that day?

What about the colours that have been used?

Your task to do for next week, is to produce your own piece of Creation art. You might want to do 7 pieces to show each day, or you might want to do 1 big piece that shows all the days together.

It's up to you what you use and how you do it but please have fun and relax while you're creating!!

Finally, have a lovely VE Day celebration with your families...I'm looking forward to seeing photos!


Collective Worship today-under heading Christian Life-Collective Worship


Maths challenge:

Year 1


Year 2


Today I want you to do some non-fiction work about spiders.

Remember that non-fiction means we are talking about real things.

Read through the fact file about spiders first.

Now I would like you to do some research of your own, and create a fact file about a spider of your choice or just add some more facts to the fact file.

Remember to include drawings too!



Year 1. Another tricky one for you today...'ire'

Can you read these, hire, siren, dire.

Have a go at whichever activity sheet you feel happiest with.


Year 2. Today we are looking at 'oe' as in 'toe'. 

Can you read these words? toe, goes, poe, troes

Try a game of Buried Treasure now!



Year 1. Today is all about choosing the right coins to pay for things.

Look at the sheets here and see if you can find the right coins.

You don't need to print them can just draw round the coins you would use.

If you want a little challenge then try this!


Year 2. Your lesson is here.

Presentation is here.

Test your skills here!

VE Day Activity:

Today why not make some invitations for your party...I'm sure there are pets or toys in your house who would like to come!

Don't forget to put the time on them!!

After that, you could design a beautiful menu for your party tea on Friday...I wonder what you'll have on yours?!

Tuesday 5th May...ADVANCE WARNING!!

Just a reminder that at 1.30pm today, we were meant to be taking part in a live question and answer session with the UK Arctic research team.

(Arctic Q&A with Jamie and Ellie)

You can still be part of the session by following this link:

We had already submitted a couple of questions so we might be never know!!

Just didn't want the children to miss out if possible.

Collective Worship today-under heading Christian Life-Collective Worship


Year 1...It's the 'u_e' sound today...another tricky one!

Year're revising the 'ew' sound today but you might look at some others too!

I'd like both year groups to listen to the story of 'I Love You, Blue Kangaroo' Here's the link:

Make sure you ask an adult before you watch it!

See if you can spot the long vowel sounds 'oo', 'u_e', 'ue' and 'ew' in the story.

You could draw pictures of the animals in the story...they could each be holding a word with one of the sounds in?

Maybe you could write a sentence for each of the 4 sounds?


Spiders like to be in dark secret places.

Can you help Sidney by writing some places that he could hide?

Make sure you check the words in the sentences before you pick a place for him!!


Year 1. Your first job today is to put coins in order from the smallest amount to the biggest...just to check you remember from yesterday!

Now have a go at these questions...see if you can try to explain your answer!

Finish with a problem or two here!  Remember it's important to explain your answer!


Year 2. Click here for your activities today.

Presentation is here.

If you'd like a challenge then look here!

VE Day activity:

Today your job is to make a poster celebrating VE Day...I wonder what yours will have on it?

Also, you'll need music if you have a VE Day party at your house on Friday, so why not try to learn these two songs!

Here's the music you'll need...

Long way to Tipperary/ Pack up your troubles -







Good morning Year 1 and 2...hope everybody has had a lovely safe weekend and enjoyed the sunshine!

Collective Worship Today - Under heading Christian Life- Collective Worship 

Maths first...more times tables practice...just click here!


Sidney the Spider has written a letter but he doesn't know much about capital letters or full stops!

Do you think you might be able to help him out?

Have a look at his letter here.

Maths: This week we will be looking at money...recognising and using coins, making different amounts and problem solving with money.

Year 1. Watch the presentation first to help you remember the coins and notes.

Now see if you can do the activities on here.

Make sure you know all the coins and notes by doing the first 2 activity sheets in this pack.


Year 2. 

Watch the presentation first.

Now have a go at the question here.

If you want to, why not find out how many different bank notes are used in this country?

How much is each note worth?

VE Day activity:

On Friday, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day!

You might be thinking of having your own celebration at home so there will be an activity everyday to help you!

Today I want you to look at this information with an adult. 

Now watch this video clip (to 4.18).

What do you notice about the video? Why is it in black and white?

Are their clothes different? What do you think they are doing?

How do you think they are feeling? Some people are singing the Lambeth walk.

Listen to them singing again. Does the song sound different to the songs we listen to today?

Main job today is to make some red, white and blue bunting to decorate your house or garden on Friday!!


Friday 1st May


No maths challenge today...instead why not read another story in your pyjamas!

Primary Booklet Click Here



Let’s end the week with some fun with a rhyme that we all know well!

Have a look at this sheet to help you!


Year 1. Listen to the story here first.

Now have some fun like Jim! Can you measure round your head...what about other people in your family?

Who has the biggest head? What did you use to measure the heads? You could use a strip of paper or a tape measure!

Could you make a giant set of false teeth?

Or maybe a giant pair of glasses for the giant!

I wonder how big they would be!!

Have fun!

Year 2.

You're continuing with your work on looking at temperatures in different countries and thinking about how to show what you find out.


Fun with compasses today...just hope it's not raining!!

Your instructions are all here.


Year 1. These are your spellings for this week.

Year 2. Your spellings are here.

Have a go at playing this game using your spelling words for this week.


Collective Worship Today - Under heading Christian Life- Collective Worship


Maths challenges for today!

It's the same for both Year 1 & 2 today...have a look here.


Today your task is to explore two words from Sidney the Spider.

Take a look at this to help you.

Now I want you to choose one of the animals and make a poster about that animal.

Where does it live? What does it hunt? 

You could look in books for information or ask an adult to help you look online for information.


Year 1. Today you're going to measure using hand spans can always draw round them again if you didn't keep them!

Next you need to find a wall to stand beside. Keep your feet together and do the highest jump you can with your fingers stretching up as high as they can and touch the wall.

Keep an eye on that place...or maybe an adult could put a little mark on it for you.

Now use your handspans to measure the distance up the wall.

Record your attempts in your book...what was the highest?


Year 2.

Your task today and tomorrow is to try to find out about the temperature changes in a hot and a cold country.

I want you to look and see what the range of temperatures is in a typical day...24 hours.

When is the hottest temperature?

When is the coldest?

What is the biggest difference between the 2 temperatures?

You could even extend your work and find out about temperature changes in different seasons...if there are any!

The BBC Weather website is a good place to start.

Also BBC Bitesize has some 'Let's Explore' videos on Antarctica and Nigeria which are easy to watch.

You can present your findings in a poster, or a leaflet or charts or...whatever you decide to do!


Today we're thinking about famous people who have shown they care for people in lots of different ways.

Watch this presentation for more information about one of these people.

Mother Teresa cared for people in very special ways and was very good at what she did.

I wonder if she found it difficult at times? What do you think?

Sometimes we talk about following 'the Golden Rule'...treat other people as you would like them to treat you.

I would like you to try to create a picture that shows the Golden Rule being followed.

Here are some examples to get you started! When you click on the link, look for Spirited Art's Gallery, Archive, 2014 for Golden Rule images.


Collective Worship Today - Under heading Christian Life- Collective Worship - Please send Mrs Birkett your pictures on her email

Today's maths challenges are here.

Year 1

Year 2


Hope you're wide awake this morning! Today you have a Stanley Spider quiz to do!

Click here for the quiz...write the answers in your book.

Use this activity as your handwriting practice too!


Year 1. How far can you jump? Find somewhere in your house or garden where you have room to jump!

Stand with your feet together, bend your knees and then jump forward as far as you can!

Try to do it a few times and record your results. 

You're going to measure the jump with your feet!

Draw round both feet one at a time and cut them out...then you can use them to measure the length of your jump.


Year 2. There are lots of words that we use when we talk about temperature. 

Can you put these words in order of how hot they are?

Now have a go at this problem.


You're going to think about somebody else's garden today!

These pictures are of Monet's garden He was a famous can read some facts about him too.

If you have any paints at home I'd like you to use your fingers to make marks like Monet did!

If you don't have paints at home, just use pencils or crayons.

This outline picture of Monet's garden might help if you need it or you can use one of the other pictures for ideas.


Year 1. Another tricky one again Year 1...the 'o_e' phoneme. 

Can you read these words? stone, explode, home, alone, bone, throne, phone, envelope...they're tricky!!

Ask an adult to help you read the story of Joseph...there's the 'o_e' phoneme!!

Why not make a rainbow coat and decorate it with 'o_e' words?

Year 2. Shhhhh...we're looking at silent letters today! 'wh' and 'ph' are often asleep in words! 

They sleep because they don't make a sound! If we wake them up they'll make a different sound and we won't be able to read the words properly!

Can you spot the sleeping letters in these words? which, dolphin, phonics, whisper, when, wheel, photo. Did you find them all?

To help you remember some of the words why not write them out but make the silent letters really big?! You could even give the silent letters a nightcap, or sleepy eyes or a 'zzzz' speech bubble!

Have fun with the words!



Morning maths challenges are here:

Year 1

Year 2


Year 1. Today I want you to have a go at making your own height chart. 

First you will need to decide what unit of measure you are going to could be handspans, Lego can decide!

Remember to put the numbers up the side of your scale so you can keep a track on how much you grow!


Year 2. Have a look here for some more information on temperature first.

Now have a go at this ordering game.

Next get your thinking hats on and explain the answer to this question!


Listen to the story of Sidney Spider again first. Make sure you pay attention to what the characters are saying!

Now...can you answer these questions?


Today I want you to explore flowers and plants in more detail.

First I'd like you to watch this!

Ask an adult if they will help you to pick a flower from your garden. If you can't do this maybe you could find a really good picture of one instead.

If you manage to pick one, I want you to very carefully try to take it apart and look at all the different parts.

This sheet will help you to label each part.

The last thing for you to do today is to start collecting any petals and leaves that are on the ground...don't pull them off plants or trees!

Find a big heavy book to press the petals and leaves in...we're going to need these for some artwork in a couple of weeks!


Year 1. A really tricky sound for you today...'a_e' It's a sound that always has another letter stuck in the middle!

Listen to and watch this story...see how many 'a_e' words you can spot!

Now, using these words...amaze, maze, escape, invade, made, came, snake, race, whale, cake, lake, draw a big whale and all the words inside his tummy!


Year 2. Revision of 'aw' phoneme. Play Quick write with these words...paw, claw, jaw, yawn, lawn, shawl.

Time to get creative now! I'd like you to try to make your own Snakes and Ladders game using 'aw' words.

Try to have 3 snakes and 3 ladders in your game. You can choose the 'aw' words you use...they can be silly or sensible!

Have fun!


Year 1. What is a question? Find out here.

Now have a go at these could write the answers in your book. Choose which questions you want to do.

Year 2. A question is a type of sentence. Have a look at this for more information.

Have a go at these questions now. You can choose which ones you answer.


Collective Worship Today - Under heading Christian Life- Collective Worship

Good morning Year 1 and 2. I hope you all had a happy and safe weekend!

Let's start this morning with our maths challenges.

Year 1

Year 2


We're looking at a different story for the next 2 or weeks. You'll need to listen to the story first which is on our Class Story on Dojo.

Then have a look at these questions to help you with the talking task!


Year 1. This week you're going to be learning how to measure different lengths and heights. Today you need to look at the people in your house.

See if you can put them in order of height, from the smallest to the tallest.

What could you use to measure them with? You could draw round your hands...cut them out...and see how many hands tall they are!

In your book, draw each person and remember to label who they are! Don't forget to say how many hands tall each person is!


Year 2. Your work is about temperature this week. A thermometer measures temperature.

Temperature is usually measured in degrees Centigrade...written ℃.

Being able to count in 2's, 5's and 10's helps you when you're reading a temperature scale.

Ask an adult if there is a thermometer in your house that you could have a look at.

If you can , see what different temperatures are in and around your house and garden.

If not, have a go at marking the temperatures on these thermometers.


Year 1. It's the 'ai' phoneme today. Remember this sounds the same as 'ay' but is often found in the middle of a word instead of at the end.

Copy these words into your book and then add the sound buttons.  wait, hail, pain, aim, sail, main, tail, rain, bait

Ask an adult to read these sentences and see if you can write them down...did you get all the words right?

I will wait for a taxi. The cat has a long tail. I sang a song in the rain.


Year 2. Revision of the 'ue' phoneme today. Start by playing Buried Treasure! Click on this link:

Ask an adult to read these sentences and see if you can write them down. Did you spell all the words right?!

Can you argue with a statue? You need to queue until the bus is due. Is it true that you
can get blue glue?


 I thought we would start the week with something to help us stay calm and relaxed at home.

Find somewhere quiet to sit first...inside or outside.

Focus on using your senses...what can you see, hear, touch and smell?

If you want to draw or write anything down that's could use your books.

Have a look at this sheet to remind you of the task.


Year 1 maths challenge here.

Year 2 maths challenge here.


Your last task for English this week is to make some warning signs to keep rabbits out of Mr Macgregor's garden! 

I wonder what sort of things he might put on his sign...have a look here for some ideas!

You could draw the signs in your book or even make them from cardboard or anything else you have lying around the house!


Year 1. Let's finish the week with some problem solving! 

Have a look at these capacity problems and see if you can work out the answers.


Year 2. Yesterday you were looking at millilitres. Today we're going to look at litres.

There are 1000 millilitres in 1 litre.

Here are some Friday capacity problems for you to end the week with!

Let me know how you get on...if you're feeling really clever why not make up your own capacity problems?


Year 1. I would like you to have a look at these spellings over the weekend.


Year 2. Here are your spellings for today.


If you have a something you can take photos on, I'd like you to take some photos in and around your house and garden but...I'm looking for unusual angles of things like plants, play equipment, flowers etc!!

If you can post any of them on Class Dojo it would be great to guess what you were really looking at!!



Year 1 maths challenge here.

Year 2 maths challenge here.


Try to remember the things that Peter Rabbit wanted to eat in Mr Macgregors garden.

I wonder what else Peter might like to eat?

Today I would like you to come up with an alphabet of yummy things for Peter to eat...see hoe many letters you can do!

Here's a couple to start you off...a is for amazing apples...b for beautiful bananas. Try to use some amazing adjectives!


Year 1. Have a look at these questions. Can you work out the answers? You might get wet finding out!

Year 2. A treasure hunt first! Have a look around your house and see hoe many different things you can find that have millilitres written on them.

You could draw and label them in your books. 

Now have a go at these questions...remember to explain your answers!


Tzedekah is the Jewish idea of charitable giving to those who need help.

For Jewish people this is part
of making the world a better place, fairer and more just.

For Jewish people this is following the
teaching of God.

In the Jewish festival of Sukkot, people remember those people who are poor, by giving them meals and shelter, as well as donating money.

A citrus fruit, like a lemon, is shaken together with three leaves to show goodness and sweetness.

See if you can draw a lemon and a leaf in your book. 

On the lemon, write who you think the Jewish people might want to help...maybe their neighbours, and how they might help them.

On the leaf, write what God teaches about caring for others...helping the poor? Maybe you can think of some other things.



Year 1 maths challenge here.

Year 2 maths challenge here.


Year 1. Let's look at the 'ay' phoneme today. Say the 'ay' sound, write it in the air, write it in your book. 

How fast can you read these words?  lay, stray, spray, crayon, sclay, glay, deflay.

Now read the sentences here. Write them in your book and add the sound buttons to the words.


Year 2. 'ir' phoneme revision today. Play Dragon's Den here:

Copy the questions into your book and then write the answers.


Year 1 click here.

Year 2 click here.


Today I would like you to write what you think Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail would say to Peter to persuade him to stay with them.

This sheet might help! Don't forget to use capital letters and full stops in your sentences!


Year 1. Have a go at answering the questions on these activity sheets.

Remember to use the words you looked at on Monday!


Year 2. A little problem solving activity for you this morning.

Choose a selection of different sized
containers. Decide how you will measure how much liquid each container can hold.
Order your containers from smallest to largest.
Compare the containers using <, > or =

You could draw the results in your book or maybe take a photo!


All I want you to do as part of your topic work is find out anything you can about Beatrix Potter.

You can write it down...draw and label some pictures...make a poster...create a timeline...I don't mind how you present the information that you find!




Here are your maths challenges for today. Year 1 click here.

Year 2 click here.



The stories Beatrix Potter wrote are quite old and sometimes have some funny sounding words in.

I've picked some that you might find difficult: mischief, cucumber frame, dreadfully, implored, exert, hoeing, camomile.

Have a go at writing the words in your book and then, if an adult has time to help, see if you can find out and write down what they mean. 


Year 1. Today I want you to practice using capital letters and full stops by writing some superhero sentences! Decide which sheet you want to do. Take a look!

Year 2. This time we're thinking about using an apostrophe to help show that something belongs to somebody. 

I might say, "The car's brakes squeaked."

Copy these sentences from sheet 2 into your book and see if you can get the apostrophes in the right's tricky!

Watch this for some tips.


Year 1. 'ou' today. Can you read these words?  cloud, found, about, sprout, plout, strout, lound, aglound.

Write these questions in your book...can you write the answers too?


Year 2. Remember the 'oy' phoneme (sound)? How quickly can you read these words? boy ,annoy, enjoy, employ, floy, emgloy, scroy, disploy. Time yourself!

Write these questions in your book. What do you think the answers are?


Did you know that trees are just giant plants that have grown from a seed?!

An evergreen tree keeps its leaves all year long.

A deciduous tree loses its leaves once a year.

What trees can you see in or from your garden? This spotter guide might help.

Next, see what leaves are lying on the ground in your garden. I'd like you to collect them and create a leaf person or creature!

Make sure you label what the leaves are if you can. Does your person/creature have a name?


Year 1. I would like you to use as many different containers as you can to help you do some estimating today. 

Remember that estimating means making a good guess!

Use this sheet to see how accurate your guesses can be!


Year 2. I hope you had some fun yesterday remembering your Year 1 work on capacity!

Today I want you to find some containers that have a measuring scale on the side...the scale is often in litres and millilitres or sometimes pints.

Fill the containers to different levels and get used to reading the level of liquid using the scale on the side to help.

Finish off by answering the questions on this sheet...try to be as accurate as you can!





Good morning everybody. The work you did last week was just fantastic and made me smile everyday!

Hope you've all done your morning's the work for today!


A quick maths challenge to get your brain going now! Year 1 click here. You'll find your challenge here Year 2!


Year 1. Quick revision of the 'ow' sound today. 

Write it in the air...write it in your book...make sure you form those letters correctly!

Why not play Picnic on Pluto...

Can you read these sentences on your own? This owl is not feeling sad and down. I park my car in the town. How do I feed a cow?

Year 2. 'ea' for you this morning. Ask an adult to read these words out loud so you can play Quick Write!  fried, cried replied, steam, repeat, dream, cream.

Can you read these sentences?

Maybe you could write them in your books too.


Your videos and story maps were brilliant last week so really well done all of you!

Today I would like you to draw Peter Rabbit and write down words around him that describe his appearance (what he looks like)

and his character (what he's like inside). If you want to take this activity a little further, have a go at writing a character description of Peter Rabbit.

Use this checklist to make sure you've done a really good job!


Easy job for a Monday morning! I'd like you to think of 2 things that you are proud you can do!

How do you feel about being able to do those things?

Can you draw a picture to show what those things are?

Maths: I hope the weather stays good this week because we're looking at volume and capacity!

Capacity means how much something can hold, for example a bucket full of water.

Year 1. I would like you to find lots of different containers around your house and garden and see if you can fill them in different ways.

These words might help: full, empty, half-full, half-empty.

Try to compare some of the containers too...which has more liquid? Which has less liquid?

Can you draw and label some of the containers that you used?

Year 2. You need to try to remember some work that you would do in Year 1...that was a long time ago!!

Capacity is the amount a container can hold.

Volume is the amount it is actually holding. 

These words will be useful too: quarter, half and three quarters.

You need to find 3 different sized containers. Which container has the largest capacity? Using water or rice or sand, make each container: one quarter full, half full, three-quarters full.

Which of the containers do you think has the biggest capacity? Smallest capacity? 

Can you order them from smallest to biggest? Maybe draw and label them in your books.

Finally, don't worry if you don't do all the work everyday. I know that your parents are still busy working at home too!

As always, if you have any questions please contact me on my school email address.

For additional Year 1 home learning resources for English and Maths please click here

Classroom Secrets Year 1 home learning guidance: click here:

Have a go at one of these fun activities Year 1:

For additional Year 2 home learning resources for English and Maths please cli* ck here.

Classroom Secrets Year 2 home learning guidance: click here

Have a go at one of these fun Year 2 activities.


Take a look at our suggested activities timetable during the closure period.


The links below will take you to Spelling Booklets for Year 1 and Year 2, lasting for 6 weeks. I would encourage you to work through these booklets a week at a time, doing as many of the activities as you can.

Year 1

Year 2

Additional Sentence Writing Resources

One of the main focuses we have had in class since September has been on sentence writing. I've added a couple of documents which would be useful for you to look at and potentially work through with your child.

Year 1

Year 2

Handwriting help sheet

Take a look at how we form our letters correctly here. Keep checking this whenever you do any handwriting!



 In R.E. we are going to answer the following questions: 


This term we are focusing on the following areas of the Maths curriculum:






Homework: Children are encouraged to read five times a week at home. This could be their school reading book, a bedtime story read by an adult or simply reading any writing they have done! Children will bring home a new phonics sound everyday to enable them to reinforce learning taking place in school. Their understanding of these sounds in words is checked in school on a weekly basis. Children will also bring home lists of 'tricky words' that they need to be able to read and spell by the end of KS1. These will form a part of the daily marking process, rather than a formal spelling test. A Maths homework activity will be sent home on a Friday so the children have the weekend to complete it. There may be additional topic based homework but this will not be on a weekly basis.



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