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Prayer Spaces

What are prayer spaces?

Children and young people are innately curious about life. Growing up raises lots of questions, some to do with their experience, both the good and the bad, and some to do with their sense of wonder at the universe we live in and whether there’s more to life than meets the eye. Many have an interest in the non-material aspects of life, the spirit or soul, and want to explore how these ideas and experiences help them to develop their own sense of identity, self-worth, personal insight, meaning and purpose.

Prayer spaces enable children and young people, of all faiths and none, to explore these life questions, spirituality and faith in a safe, creative and interactive way.


Lent in a Bag

This Lent we have several Lent In A Bag prayer bags travelling into our homes every night so we can can share as a family the true meaning of Easter.

Travelling Prayer Spaces

This Advent we have 4 prayer spaces that will travel around our school sharing different messages, allowing the children to reflect, ask questions and share their thoughts and feelings.  We have Love, Waiting, Gifts and Joy.

Travelling Crib

Over Advent, every family in school has had the opportunity to welcome the Holy family into their homes and share songs and prayers around the crib.  They are able to reflect and share what they feel is the true meaning of Christmas.

Peace Prayer Space

On the 21st of September we celebrated International Day of Peace.  We enjoyed a day of exploring the true meaning of peace to us then we were invited to share some peace in our peace prayer space.  We explored peace through music, art, relaxation, looking at ourselves in the image of God and reflecting how peace made us feel and what peace means to us personally.  Some children explored how they thought we could bring peace to the world.