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French (MFL)


 Learning a foreign language provides an insight into other cultures. At Beckermet School our languages education fosters pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. Children should be able to express their thoughts and ideas in another language both verbally and written.

 Between years 3 to 6, children will learn a range of skills including basic communication, and other phrases to help them discuss everyday topics such as weather, classroom items, animals, family and likes and dislikes. They will develop their skills so they are able to understand the grammatical differences between French and English.


Children are taught through a variety of techniques following the Kapow languages guidance and lesson plans, teachers will adapt planning and resources as necessary to reflect the children’s understanding and their varying needs. Children that are high achieving will be challenged with more complex vocabulary and sentence structure both in written and spoken language. 

 Children progress through the year groups focusing on different topics and skills. Children can ask and answer topic related questions and eventually move onto conversational French. They are eventually able to express opinions with fluency and perform short narratives. The teaching of MFL can be linked with and taught through many other subjects including counting in maths and looking at other French speaking countries in Geography. French is taught weekly in most circumstances and is evidenced through work and pictures in topic books with a clear outline of what the topic of the week has been.


The impact is an increased enjoyment and understanding of different cultures and languages, skills that are transferable in the next stage of their education and a greater awareness of a previously unfamiliar culture; therefore, linking to the Equality Act and British Fundamental Values.

 Teachers use assessment for learning and assess children according to the learning objectives they teach, they then use this information to plan their next set of lessons.


Click this link to view the MFL national curriculum.

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