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Core Subjects



At Beckermet C of E Primary School, we follow the Read Write Inc. programme.  However we do use other resources according to the age of the children.

Initially children's listening skills are developed through the use of music, environmental sounds and rhyme. In Foundation Stage, children are introduced to phonemes (sounds) linked to the letters of the alphabet, as well as one way of spelling each of the other 16 phonemes used in the English language, such as 'igh' and 'ch'. Children are taught to blend or sound out phonics to read a variety of words and segment or break down the sounds in simple words for spelling. Jolly Phonics gives children an action for each sound, which supports children who learn in an active way.

In when ready and in Year 1, children learn more about the variety of ways in which each phoneme can be spelled and they also learn about the different pronunciations made by different letters or groups of letters, such as 'a' in 'ant' and 'was'. At the end of Year 1, children will be tested on their phonics knowledge, using a national test featuring 20 real words and 20 pseudo-words (nonsense).

From Year 2 onwards, children consolidate their phonics knowledge, learning when to apply different spelling rules as well as how to spell plurals and different verb tenses.

Reading together at home is one of the easiest but most important ways in which you can help your child. To support your child in becoming an effective and confident reader we need to help develop children’s knowledge of phonics (letter sounds) to enable them to decode different words they may come across. Daily reading and phonics is taught across Reception, Key stage 1 and Key Stage 2 daily. 

All children develop at a different rate and the phonics planning reflects individual children’s needs. As children enter Key Stage 2 their phonics sessions become more focused on spelling and appropriate interventions are planned to ensure all phases are secure.

Below are some websites that can be used to support phonics at home. 


 Please click on the link for a glossary of definitions to support your child in English



You will find below the National Curriculum (2014) statutory requirements, for each National Curriculum Year Group in Mathematics. The document shows the statutory areas that the children must be taught by year group.

DfE PRIMARY_National_Curriculum_-_Mathematics


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Times Tables RockStars

It has landed ……...Times Table RockStars.  

 Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice.
Each week concentrates on a different times table, with a recommended consolidation week for rehearsing the tables that have recently been practised every third week or so.

It is something that can be used at school and at home to support your child's learning.  

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