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As part of our PSHE curriculum we have been looking at friendship and what a good friend is and the challenges that we are faced with.

We have made friendship bracelets for our friends.  They are taking a long time to make but are being created with love.

Can you persuade me ??????

This week we have been exploring persuasive techniques in English.  We received a letter from our village council who informed us that Mr Cartwright who owns a field in the village was going to sell it to a playground company.  Not only that in the field stands an ancient oak tree which is the habitat to many different animals.  As a village we must persuade each other what to do using persuasive vocabulary and statements.  

Each of the children were given a role to debate either for or against the plans.  We had great fun !

Adverb Fun !

This term we have been exploring adverbs.  We were not allowed to talk (which was hard) only act out our adverbs.  We had great fun.  Can you guess what the adverbs are ?