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Beckermet C of E Primary School

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Here you can find information about the school curriculum and links to an overview of the planning for each class.


The teaching of Literacy includes reading, writing, handwriting, speaking and listening and spelling, grammar and punctuation.Children build on their learning throughout the school.The Literacy curriculum is carefully planned to make relevant and meaningful links across the curriculum.Lessons are planned to take account of children's needs and interests.We have high expectations of every child and ensure regular opportunities for children to share their work. We ensure that children re provided with good models to follow as well as resources and activities which enhance their learning.



The teaching and learning of Maths provides children with a way in which they can make sense of the world around them. Children are encouraged to apply the knowledge, skills and understanding they gain to problems and real life situations throughout the curriculum. Lessons are carefully planned and differentiated so that all children are challenged and encouraged to learn both collaboratively and independently. We place a strong emphasis on basic skills and the 4 rules of number and encourage children to learn times tables by heart.


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Over-view of Reception Curriculum

Over-view of Year 1 Curriculum

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Overview of Year 3/4 Curriculum

Overview of Year 5 and 6 Curriculum