Sports Premium Funding

The Government has pledged to provide additional funding to improve the provision of Physical Education and sport in primary schools until the year 2020. This funding continues to be ring fenced and is only to be spent on the provision of sport in our school, but we have the freedom to choose how we do this.


In September 2016 we received approximately £8500. Below follows a breakdown of what we intend to use the money for this year:

£120 for annual membership to a PE planning site.

£1323 to be used in partnership with gymnastics coaches at Whitehaven Sports Centre to provide specialist teaching.

£2200 to be used to help with transport to a variety of sporting fixtures/coaching sessions.

£181 is being used to fund a table tennis coach for children in Year 6. 

£1430 used to subsidise residential visit activities.

£420 (approx) to buy staff jackets for use at sporting events.

£200 (approx) to buy team hoodies.

£135 (approx) to buy staff hoodies.

These are the most recent figures and will be updated as the year progresses.



Playground equipment and sports leader training for children in Years 5/6 has enhanced playtime provision for all children.

Money spent on transport has enabled more children to participate in different events.

Some children are now accessing out of school clubs (gymnastics and football) as a result of opportunities provided in school.

The purchase of extra PE kits and swimming kits means everybody is able to participate in these activities.

Tennis coaching has resulted in our team getting through to the School Games Final for the last 3 years.

Specialist gymnastics coaching has led us to the county final for the last 2 years.