Welcome to Year 3 and 4

Summer Term 2018


We had an amazing time at Hawes End this week doing ghyll scrambling, canoe rafting, orienteering and Archery. Basically we spent most of the time in water!

Here are some of our pictures...


 Dragon's Den - Magnetic Product Project

 I was so impressed by all the items the children brought in, they were all fantastic!! We had a superb afternoon presenting and watching each others presentations. I had lots of fun playing and testing them all. A huge thank you to all parents who helped make this homework so much fun. All the adults in the class had a real problem choosing the winners because they were all so good. We asked the children to vote as well to give us a bit of help and after much deliberation we chose four winners. Joint third were Riley with his fishing game, "The Fisher" and Jacob with his magnetic sand picture. Second place was Jessica with her football game and first place went to Kate with her Magbot. Well done to everyone though for all your effort. 



It's certainly going to be another very busy term!

Here are some of the things we are learning about:


  • playscripts
  • persuasive writing
  • traditional poetry
  • imaginary worlds
  • adventure stories


As part of our maths work we are going to continue to do several weekly tasks to improve our recall of times tables as well as  mental maths challenges. We are also going to begin using some maths reasoning cards. In maths we are going to do lots of work around:

  • multiplication and division
  • number and place value 
  • addition and subtraction methods both written and mental 
  • measures 
  • data 
  • decimals 
  • fractions
  • shape  
  • time



In Science we are going to be learning all about Living Things and their Habitats. We will be grouping living things, classifying vertebrates, using classification keys, carrying out surveys to identify dangers to wildlife in the local environment and naming endangered species and how changes to the environment have affected endangered species. We will also be doing a topic on Plants, looking at parts of plants, what plants need to grow well, identifying parts of flowers and what each part does and looking at life cycles, seed dispersal and the processes of pollination, fertilisation and germination.




In History we are going to be learning all about The Ancient Greeks. Who were the Ancient Greeks? We'll look at their democracy, the Olympics, The Battle of Marathon, Gods and Goddesses, The Trojan war. famous Ancient Greeks, Greek myths as well as everyday Ancient Greek life.





In R.E. we aim to answer the following question: 

What do stories from Islam teach Muslims about how to live their lives? 

How do some|Christians understand the creation of the world from Bible stories?



We will  work in pairs to create a story PowerPoint to tell a story as part of our imaginary world's work. In the second half term we are going to have fun as computer programmers using turtle and scratch software.  




Art & Design technology

 Collage of Pandora's Box, embroidery, creating an imaginary world.


Children are taught Music every Monday afternoon by Mr Wright. 


Numbers, pets, telling the time, where we live. 

P.E kit

P.E kit should be brought to school on a Monday and left in school until Friday. Children should have a white T-shirt, black shorts and suitable shoes. A multisports coach is going to be coming into school every Wednesday afternoon and on Tuesdays we are going to enjoy swimming at St Bees swimming pool. 

Water bottles

Water bottles should be brought to school on a Monday and taken home on a Friday to be washed. Please note that juice is not permitted in school. 


Children who read at home five times a week will receive a small reward in recognition of their efforts. Fluent readers do not always need to read aloud, but if they are reading independently please still sign the reading record and check from time to time that your child is reading accurately and understanding what they are reading.

Children receive a set of  spellings each Thursday. Children will also be expected to learn their times tables  and may be given additional pieces of classwork. Please check your child's reading folder regularly.  Some weeks Madame Ray may give the children some French homework.